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September 7th, 2016 by buya

Maintenance of your Hearing Aid

Hearing aids are very easy to take care. If you care for your hearing aids properly, they will last longer and you don’t need to do any repairs on them.

Volume Control
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The volume control is considered to be the most used area of the hearing instrument. Both the dirt and oil are the major concerns of a volume control since there is build-up whenever you use the hearing instrument. If this gets worse, it will be a problem on the volume control wherein you might not be able to adjust the sound well. But don’t worry because your hearing aid specialist has provided you with a cleaning brush. The underneath of the volume should be cleaned as well.

Battery Door

The battery doors are very important on your hearing aid. If you don’t want to use your hearing aid, you should at least open the battery doors. Since battery doors are not spared from oil and dirt, it is your job to clean it up by using the brush that the hearing aid specialist has provided.


Most hearing instruments have their telephone switch and noise reduction switch. In order to clean your switches, you will only need your brush. If you ever hear the buzzing sound and not able to hear the amplification, your telephone switch might be toggled to the telephone.

Memory Buttons

The memory buttons are mostly found in a hearing instrument compared to the toggle switches. Up to five memories in a random environment is used by few of the hearing instrument. Since the patients have a lot of options, dirt will eventually stick to it and to clean it up, all you need is the brush.


Moisture often attacks any electronic device. The use of your hearing aid can reach up to 16 hours daily. Moisture will be your primary problem if you will have to place your hearing aid idle overnight so in order to address the issue, a moisture guard is an effective solution. If in any instance you notice that your hearing aid has been intermittent for so long that it just shuts off and turns on after, you are already facing a moisture issue.


The size of a microphone for a hearing instrument is small. The faceplate is the area where the microphone is also. Since the microphone is more exposed to air, dirt will not spare it. To clean it, use the brush but you need to careful in brushing the holes.

Sound Tube

The sound tube is the one responsible for bringing sound to your ears. The ear wax’s presence is very dominant because of the use of the sound tube. That is why some hearing instruments see to it that they have a wax guard protector to protect the person’s ears.


The cover found outside your hearing instrument is the shell and this is oftentimes hypo-allergenic. To clean it, you can use a cleaning solution that is safe and also a wet tissue.

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